In Loving Memory…

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Dear family and friends,

We will all miss Kevin. He was a dear brother, devoted husband and father who was easily loved by all those he knew, and was a dear and close personal friend to so many. He brought laughter and fellowship where ever he went and we will grieve his loss for some time to come, but we are comforted by the faith he walked in and by the verbal and written testimonies of all those he knew.

If you were touched by Kevin’s love, his faith or his friendship, I would like to ask on behalf of his family that you contribute your stories and memories of the time you shared with Kevin. It would mean so much to all of us for you to share how he has touched your life and will go a long way in promoting healing in ours. Please take the time to post to this blog in loving memory of Kevin Wood. (To post to the blog left click on the link to register in the right hand margin.)

Thank you for all your contributions and support, and please remember to share. This blog will always be here for you to do so.

We miss you terribly bro.

All our love,

Kendall Wood

One Response to “In Loving Memory…”

  1. I don’t really know what to say. I just remember that all Kevin and I ever had was good times. I really have so many stories about Kevin that I don’t even know where to begin.
    Mostly we spent our days skateboarding and making home movies. Most of which I still have and watch from time to time. I just remember how good Kevin was at anything athletic, he was such a natural at skateboarding it was unbelievable. I recall the first time he came over to my house to ride the skate ramp I had in my backyard. He told me he had never ridden one before, but with an about an hour he was just as good if not better than I was at riding the half-pipe ramp. Even though I had been practicing for years. He was just born with natural ability to pick up on things like that. It was amazing!
    Also I’m going to miss Kevin’s laugh and his sense of humor. It seems like we were always busting up laughing till our sides hurt.
    I have so many stories to tell and not enough time. i’m so happy i hung on to all those old skateboard videos we made together. I will cherish the time we spent forever.
    I love you and miss you brother.

    John Haladyna