Father’s Day

Hi Sweets. I thought of you a lot today.  I thought of a lot of “what if you were heres”: Would you have bought yourself something crazy expensive from Home Depot or Best Buy? Would you have asked for calzones for dinner? Would we have taken the kids to the park?  A movie? What would […]

Three Years

Pretty much the same as two years.  Which is pretty much the same as one year. And when they say it’s supposed to “get easier”…exactly who are “they”? I want to punch them in the throat.   I love you.   Baps

Happy Birthday, Love.

I miss you today.  And I love you always.   <3 Baps

Miss you Bro

Hey Bro, I’m sorry

Happy 6th Anniversary, Love.

I look at this picture and I don’t hardly recognize this girl. She has changed so much. There is one prominent trait she shares with me. You. I love you, Sweets.  Happy Anniversary. Baps

Two Years…

When I was a little girl, and really torn up about something, my mom would sit me down at the kitchen table and have me write my problems on a piece of paper. I was the only one who had to look at the page, so I usually took advantage of the situation by composing […]

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

I love, Love, LOVE you. Love, Baps


Hello Love. We’re getting ready to make a go at this, another year, without you. Seems like a good time to stop in and let you know that facing 365 days without you is like standing at the edge of a summit with the ocean in front of you. A little disarming. One day at […]

1.5 years

Kevin- Hard to believe its already been 1.5 years, it feels like it couldn’t have been that long.  I am reminded of you often in my studies at optometry school, thanks for helping lay the groundwork for this phase in my life.  Aron is now walking and really active, its kind of funny to hear […]

Another Anniversary.

Hello My Love. I can’t say that this year is any better than last, but it feels different.  The ache is always with me, but now it’s like an old friend I’ve grown a little used to.  Someone used to this kind of thing recently told me, “I think it’s better that the pain never […]