From His Wife

After all I have read here and all the stories I heard at Kev’s funeral, I could not help but voice how I have swelled with pride. I am so proud of who Kev is…who he was. I am so proud he continues to touch the lives of so many even in his absence. How […]

A few memories…

I didn’t get the privelege of knowing Kevin as well as a lot of you, however, there are a few things I wanted to post that stand out to me about him. You see, I am married to Kev’s high school sweet heart…. uhhh… I mean buddy, TJ Wise. Kevin was in our wedding just […]

Reflections of my son-in-law

Here I sit with my coffee this a.m. reading blogs and thinking. I do a lot of that now, being afforded both the time and lifestyle; I love it. I learn more, think more, reflect more, and it gives me a chance to be truly honest with myself and others. Heven’t you ever noticed on […]

Mr. Nice Guy – Kevin Wood

I have known Kevin for a few years. We weren’t close in the sense of high school buddies or hanging out at the lake, but my interactions with Kevin were always pleasant. I met him at CFB I remember the first time I met him he smiled at me and gave me a big hug. […]

in disbelief

I have known Kevin since I was 16 and even the first time I met him he was such a great guy. I went with my cousin Amy to help her housesit for a mutual friend of hers and Kevin and his friend Isaiah came over too. W played hide and seek in the house […]

A smattering of thoughts and emotions to Kevin, my friend, my bro.

I first met Kevin our sophomore year in high school. It was just outside the cafeteria where I saw him struggling with algebra. For several weeks leading up to that, whenever I walked by him in the school halls an intense wave of emotion and excitement would sweep over me to the point where my […]

C’Mon, Gram…Let’s Dance!


remembering kevin

I used to walk with kevin to Chemisty class and from Class to his car. We would talk about lots of stuff, from Pharmacy schools to cars, to his baby girl, but what stuck out the most in our conversations, was how much he loved his family. Most of our conversations revolved around either academics, […]

Childhood friends!

my name is Joe Fennen and I am also Speaking on behalf of James Santoro. Me and James Have been bestfriends since we were 5 years old. We met Kevin and his brother Kendell when we were about 8 or 9 years old. The last we saw of them was when we were about twelve years […]

The best Summer ever

It is hard to think of times with Kevin without remembering his unwavering integerity, his love and dedication to God, and his contagious laugh. One of my favorite memories was a summer we referred to as “the greatest summer ever.” We often talked about having “the best summer # 2” when we got our lives […]