Kevin, it’s impossible to believe

There are many events I failed to mention at your memorial service, so I will mention a few here.

Miss and Love You Bro

 Hey Bro,  Sorry it has taken this long to say hello. I just wanted to say that I do miss and love you dearly. I have not gone a day without thinking about you. You and Kendall have done so much for me. I feel as though I owe you both something that I feel will […]

We just want to say thank you, Kevin, for touching our son’s life and ours.  We liked you best of all TJ’s friends and especially were grateful to you for the times you stopped by to see how ‘mom & dad’ were doing when TJ moved to Seattle.  That meant a lot to us and […]

Emma’s Birthday…

Hi Honey…I just wanted you to know that we pulled it off. Emma celebrated her third birthday today, and we had a BBQ and party with lots of little people. I hit a few speed bumps throughout the course of the day: I can’t imagine her, your firstborn, without you in her life, and the […]

One Month Ago…

So, I had a dream about you last night, honey. I haven’t dreamt about you since the day you died, one month ago. Everyday I have been content pretending that you have been at school in the mornings, studying in the evenings, and maybe in Palm Springs overnight with Brian Chase. I have been content […]

Just an update…

Good morning, all…Kevin left us now three weeks and one day ago, and I want to take this time early this A.M. to try to update all of his friends and people in his life and Melissa’s life on the well-being of his family. I know it is difficult sometimes to know when to call […]

Hi Honey.

Today our son turns 13. It is such a big moment in a boy’s life, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it (and we both know how bad you are about remembering and celebrating those important occasions;)… I’m thinking about you every hour of every day and missing you more than words can […]