Went to see Kevin . . .

This past weekend I had the privilege to finally meet up with Melissa and see where Kevin’s body has been laid to rest. First, I’m really thankful that Melissa took the time to come down and meet us (I was with my wife and child). We had a good time talking about Kevin, the kids, […]

Happy Birthday, Bro and Kendall!

Happy birthday, Bro (and also to Kendall)! I know it’s four hours past your birthday, but what do you expect?  I’m still on Tasha-time!! The first thing I thought of when I realized it was your birthday was what the “pit” in my stomach told me; Kendall would have to be without you on this […]

Want to say goodbye

Please can anyone tell me where his gravesight is? I have wednesday off and I want very much to wish him a happy late bday n to talk to him?? Please email me at jamiewhitney@yahoo.com thank u so much

Happy Birthday Bros.

 I’ll be the first one to admit that it almost slipped by me that today was yours and Kendalls birthday. So happy birthday to you both. I think that Kathrine hit the nail on the head with how this day is a good day but also a sad one. Oh and the balloons with messages, […]


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. And Happy Birthday to Kendall. The only consolation of having you gone, especially from Kendall on this, the first birthday he will be without you, is knowing that this will be the best birthday you have ever had. It’s gonna be the worst he’s ever known, so I guess it balances things […]

Lost your phone numbers . . .

Kendall and Melissa- Sorry to put this request on here, but I recently lost all my contacts on my blackberry and your numbers got erased. I’d love to meet up and possibly go see Kevin’s gravesite. Please give me a call 208-699-7520.