In Memory Of Kevin~Thank~you for touching my Life!

In times like these it is hard to not ask~Why? I have a Godly husband~2 small children and one on the way….this is what I would be asking if any of them were gone so suddenly as Kevin was taken. Regrets and guilt are also present….but I know that isn’t from the Lord….

I knew Kevin such a long time ago  perhaps the best times in HS for me (if there are good times in HS? ) but I was in a relationship where I was introduced to Nessa, The Twins (Kevin and Kendall Wood), and a couple of others who had an instrumental role in showing me Christ’s love and friendship. I don’t have many blessed memories of HS. I wasn’t walk-in with Him at the time~ It was horrible I wasn’t popular I didn’t fit in, in fact my life didn’t come together until I accepted Christ which began to come through this group of people. I remember going over to there house it was a highlight in my day, to hang out @ The Wood’s  up on 37th not far from our School. My first fender/bender was in front of there house ~thankfully, now the intersection is a 4 way stop. I totalled my car!~Ha!

Kendall was always cycling and racing someone in The Tour d’ France in his living room.

 There were many  destructive and meaningless things a  teen could do but these were not at the Wood House~ Kendall was practicing to be a great cyclist and his passion was charming. Kevin was usually lifting weights up in there bedroom~ and what is really hard to picture and what has recently been flooding back to me is that smile that Kevin possessed~that laugh of his~from the moment he saw you he would say your name and a big teethy smile and sometimes a little laugh would come~it filled up the room! When we would all get to laughin over who know’s  what~but it happened alot his laugh was infectious and would take the stress out of any HS troubled day. This was a safe and fun house for me my last couple years  in HS.

You just loved being around Kevin and his Brother and hangin out with them. Literally the only light in my HS  years. Well a very dear Lady the mother of my boyfriend @ the time witnessed to me continually to have a Personal Relationship with Christ. Not religion, Not a church, Not a set of rules, but a Personal Relationship. Which I had only had personal relationships with boyfriends~which left me empty and with the exception of these few friends that God had woven into my life during these last few years of HS  I would probably still been empty and searching for a fill of my heart. I remember on many occasions Kendall and Kevin wouldn’t date sometimes they did but it was rare Nessa you were an exception~they were waitin and wanted to save themselves~this was a concept that later God would walk me through but I remember  how solid they were even in HS while everyone else was…..well lost. I accepted Christ and my life has never been the same~I started to follow Christ~at this time I knew that Nessa and Kevin and Kendall had made this choice as well. I still continued to struggle with dating and giving that fully over to the Lord. I saw the Twins and Nessa a couple of times after HS ~but God literally moved us all onto other things~His will~His purpose for Our lives. Marriage~Kids~Church Bodies, Serving Him and reaching others.

I guess this is where the regret comes~I was moved from the South Hill once graduated and livin on my own on the Northside of  town where I was serving the Lord and my church~going through Nursing School and Mission Trips. God placed me on the Northside of town with a group of  friends which have further molded my life from where the South Hill friends left~off and it is who I am today~the wife, the mother, the servant of Jesus. I never looked back only forward but often thought “I wonder how Nessa and the Woods are doing?”

Just recently God gave us a house on the South Hill so me and my family are here and I  have thought often and drove by The Dalager House and Wood House and can’t help but smile and think back to all the memories  and fun spent there. I have tried to reach people and prayed for us all to be able to see and catch up on all that God has been doing in our lives and again regret~this is not exactly the reunion I was wanting~but I have to trust that God know’s~He knows.

Our lives have different Seasons and each Season is special, unique, hard, full of struggles, tears and growth. Each Season has an impact on the one’s to follow. My HS years were blessed because God introduced me to Nessa and The Woods and The Dalager’s. This season of time only stepped me cl osier to Christ. When we hung out and laughed and talked it wasn’t about partying or drugs or drinking~it was Fellowship~and we all knew that~it was why it was so fun. I am sorry to say that is the only Season that I had with Kevin and I regret there weren’t more~He was just that great of a Guy!  But again God knows and now I find myself with an opportunity to reunite with these dear friends that meant everything to me in that Season of my life!

I continue to pray and be sorrowful over this loss and memory of someone so young and so full of life and who cared for others  so  tenderly. A great man a great friend and sooo much more. Continue to be confused and askin why? ~ in prayer.

Continue to be Hopeful that this season of seeing old friends again brings much joy and blessing to all that come to remeber  and who love Kevin.

Continue to know that just through my Season of  HS  God used Kevin in my life to draw me  closier  to Christ~this too will draw sooo many into a relationship with Christ and More coming to know Him through his life and Witness~

In Love and His Grip Kirsten Jakkola Halbig

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  1. Remebering Your Smile Kevin and Knowing that now it is the Biggest it Ever Could be!

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